Primitive Reaction

Clearance campaign
Today starts the clearance sale and you will be able to get great products till 8th August 2021. We need space for our upcoming releases!!!
30% OFF everything, except shirts 10% OFF you can find on Primitive Reaction’s shop.

Out 24th of September 2021 through Primitive Reaction:

AZAZEL – Aegrum Satanas Tecum CD/LP/MC/TS/LS
MALIGNAMENT – Hypocrisis Absolution CD/LP

We have GREAT news to share regarding changes in our shipping charges.
FREE SHIPPING for the orders that fulfils the following criteria:

1.  All orders above 100 euros to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.
2.  All orders above 200 euros to Rest of European Union countries.
3.  All orders above 300 euros to Rest of the World.

ARMANENSCHAFT : Psychedelic Winter lp (Primitive Reaction
Unique black metal.
ARMANENSCHAFT : Psychedelic Winter cd (Primitive Reaction
Unique black metal.
VALRAVN : Prey lp (Primitive Reaction
Finnish black metal.
VALRAVN : Prey cd (Primitive Reaction
Finnish black metal.