Finnish Black Doom (early) / Black Metal (later)
The band formed as Darkfeast, before changing their name to Barathrum later in the same year (1990).

The first letter from each full-length album in chronological order spell out "Heil Sova."

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Devilry (Saturnal Records pict. lp 15.90€ »
Fanatiko (Saturnal Records lp 18.90€ »
Fanatiko (Saturnal Records cd 13.90€ »
Infernal (Primitive Reaction cd 14.90€ »
Infernal (Primitive Reaction patch 4.90€ »
Jetblack (Saturnal Records 7" 9.90€ »
Jetblack Warmetal (Saturnal Records digi cd 13.90€ »