The first to band which have signed with Forces of Satan Records, operated by Infernus of Gorgoroth fame.

Black Flame was formed in the first months of 1999 by Cardinale Italo Martire and Serpentrax. They just wanted to put into music their worst nightmares, cruelties and obsession for the Occult. After a few months of first rehearsals they were reached by A Fog (drums) who had played before in some underground bands. The second part of 1999 and the complete 2000 are spent in the rehearsal rooms and the first composition of the group is ready to go.... On the 11th February 2001, the band recorded 3 tracks in one day at AFM Studios in Turin. The result is 'Welcome', the first acclaimed demo with the infamous 'Essence of War' and 'The Priest, The Whore & The Fucking Sabbath'. This demo was the first meeting point with the underground and the response was really good: 500 copies sold in one year. The summer and the autumn of 2001 saw the first live performances of the band. Shortly after the end of 2001 the band hits the studios again (this time the One Voice Recordings in Chivasso) to record the other songs that were left out from the 'Welcome' recording sessions. This time the demo features a powerful production, far from the usual Black Metal sounds ... the response is really good and in one year 400 copies are out. This second demo it is called 'Orgiastic Funeral' and it is a celebration of the True Black / Thrash / Death... a tribute to the old Mayhem, Gorgoroth and Burzum litanies, but with Death metal sound and Thrash attitude. The summer of 2002 sees another time the group on stage during various dates in the north of Italy. In the autumn of 2002 (November) the cult label Sombre Records release the 7' 'From Ashes I'll Reborn' , which features two remixed tracks of the 'Orgiastic Funeral'.

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