The band started out in 1993 by Blackmoon and Lord Ahriman. A year later after they had released the debut EP "Dark Funeral" (which was re-released again with different cover art, title and bonus songs) they signed on with No Fashion Records. They continued to release albums on No Fashion until 2001, later got signed by Regain Records.

Logo was created by Tobias Sidegård (Necrophobic / Trident).

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DARK FUNERAL items we have:

Angelus Exuro pro Eternus (Osmose cd 14.90€ »
Attera Totus Sanctus (Regain cd 14.90€ »
Diabolis Interium (Osmose cd 14.90€ »
The Secrets of the Black Arts (Osmose lp 21.90€ »
The Secrets of the Black Arts (Osmose dcd 16.90€ »
Vobiscum Satanas (Osmose lp 21.90€ »
Vobiscum Satanas (Osmose cd 14.90€ »
Where Shadows Forever Reign (Osmose lp 21.90€ »
Where Shadows Forever Reign (Osmose cd 14.90€ »