Demilich split-up in 1993 after releasing only one full-length album. They briefly reformed in 2005 only to disband once again after playing their last ever show in Kuopio, Finland on July 22nd, 2006. The band played yet another "last ever show" in August 2010 at the Jalometalli-festival. Despite these claims, Demilich has performed several other shows and international tours since then.

Regarding the reformation, Antti Boman posted the following message on the Demilich official website:

"During last five years I've received propositions about releasing the demos, both on vinyl and CD. I disliked the idea, but finally (and quite happily) gave up on one condition.

Since 1995, I've felt Demilich never came to an end. It simply floated away. I wanted to finalize it. Albums with mere demos wouldn't feel like a proper end, so I required that we get to record something old and something new to end it all up with. We couldn't have achieved a suitable end back in '90s, so we'll give it another try now.

Some people wanted us to come up with a new album, but that would be too much. I don't really want to mess up with the history that much. Some people wanted us to do nothing, but unfortunately that didn't fit in my views on what Demilich has to be in the end. Mr. Tr00 Kvlt Member, you can simply ignore these albums and imagine we never did anything new.

All in all, Demilich is not your project. It's ours. It's okay to like it or dislike it, but you cannot dictate it. I'd hate myself if we went on doing material and touring for years, but I'd also hate myself if I didn't try this. It's either a good suicide or a bad suicide, and we'll find out about it soon."

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