Their original name was Knight of Demon, but that was changed after a few weeks. They went from an Iron Maiden-esque sound to one heavily influenced by Venom in a matter of weeks.

In the early 90's Flemming Ronsdorf (Artillery) was asked to join Destruction as new vocalist. He rehearsed with the band, but didn't join because the label didn't want to send him money in advance before the upcoming tour (according to Ronsdorf).

The releases between 1994 and 1998 have been disowned by the band and are now classed as "Neo-Destruction" and not part of their offical discography.

Schmier performed guest vocals on the 2006 album "The Winter Wake" by the Folk Metal band Elvenking, and also appeared on the Nuclear Blast Allstars project.

Mike Sifringer was unable to perform at Portugal’s Caos Emergente festival in September 2009 due to a broken finger. Ol Drake of Evile took his place onstage.

Olivier Kaiser works as editor in Basle and gives for many years lessons in Musiclab. After leaving Destruction in 1999 he studies sociology, law & on the music academy.

Unofficial Discography:
A black metal night (2001)
Invincible Invasion
Live in Ludwigsburg 25-05-1985

Birth Dates:
Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer (22nd December 1966)
Mike Sifringer (11th May 1965)
Marc Reign (16th October 1970)
Christian Engler (11th November 1968)
Andre Grieder (11th December 1968)
Michael Piranio (13th February 1968)

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DESTRUCTION items we have:

1st demo
Thrash metal.
Live '85 + Demo '84