Diablerie is an extreme metal band from Finland. Their music combines death and thrash metal with industrial influences. Diablerie's upcoming album titled The Catalyst vol 1: Control, will be released on January 13th, 2017 by Primitive Reaction.
Diablerie was originally founded already back in the late 90's. The band started out as a symphonic black metal band, but their sound developed further into a bit more rythmic and electronic direction. The change happened half by chance. Back then the tools for composing and recording music quickly were mainly tracker software, where the variety of metal sounds was very limited. During that time there were some great examples of bands combining electronic and metal sounds, but there was still a lot to discover, so it was a natural choice to just go with what sounded the best.
Diablerie made a demo called Astro and it was sent out to a variety of record labels. The demo was picked up by Avantgarde Records, and soon the contract for their debut album was made. Seraphyde was released in 2001 and it was a success and left its mark on the European metal scene.
Some time after Seraphyde however, the band members decided to focus on other musical and non-musical interests and Diablerie became less of a priority for everyone. The band as a group of people slowly drifted apart.
The idea of a futuristic and experimental extreme metal band was never buried though. In 2006, the bands artistic mastermind Henri Villberg felt that the time was right for Diablerie to be rebooted and brought back online. In order to undertake this task, Villberg sought to find new collaborators and a decision was made to continue the project with Tomi Ullgrén (Impaled Nazarene, Rapture, Shape of Despair). New tracks were released in the form of Reactivation EP 2007, and two different distributions of Transition EP, 2012 and 2014. These recordings paved the path to the release of The Catalyst, a trilogy of full length albums, of which the first one, Control opens up with fast, aggresive yet sometimes rythmic and electronic riffs and catchy tracks.
Control was composed mainly by Henri Villberg (vocals, bass, electronics) and recordings were made in collaboration with Tomi Ullgrén (guitars), Kimmo Tukiainen (guitars, backing vocals) and Petri Mäkipää (drums).

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