Forest was formed by Dagorath and Kaldrad, Gegner joined some time after the release of "Like A Blaze Above The Ashes" but before Dagorath's departure: "Foredooming The Hope For Eternity" features all three.

In 2000 Forest transformed into Varglodr / Vargleide.

Forest is a part of the Blazebirth Hall, along with Branikald, Raven Dark, Nitberg, Rundagor, Vargleide, Wotansjolv, and Yggdrassil.

Four years after the creation of Forest, Dagorath left everything he was involved with, all radical and ideological ideas, as well as Forest, and later on he was confirmed as dead (that's actually what is stated by the band nowadays).

The digibook reissues of their albums made by ISO666 in 2007 are considered bootlegs by the band. The original CD reissues made by ISO 666 in 2004 aren't (see the "Jarnkraft" section of the official BBH website for details).

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