Italian dark metal band.

Band picture (highest to lowest): Asher, Razor, Algol, Morbid.

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...and Don't Deliver Us from Evil (Agonia cd 14.90€ »
Darkness in Stereo: Eine Symphonie des Todes - Live in Germany (Agonia dvd 19.90€ »
Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love (Agonia digi cd 14.90€ »
Love's Burial Ground (Agonia digi cd 14.90€ »
Negative Megalomania (Obscure Abhorrence lp 19.90€ »
Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years (Agonia 10" 14.90€ »
Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years (Agonia digi cd 14.90€ »
Springtime Depression (Agonia digi cd 14.90€ »
We Owe You Nothing (Agonia digi cd 15.90€ »