Frozen Glare were formed in late 2001 by WS and by late 2002 there was an original trio of WS, Silmour and a session drummer. The band did not have an official name at first and went through many name changes most notable of which was Liachim. The band was originally dedicated to thrash metal and played covers of Sodom, Mercyful Fate, Kreator and Motorhead.

Between 2002 and 2003 the band spent most of its time in inner turmoil, trying to find its own identity and sound. Several rehearsal demos were produced, ranging from primitive black metal (In Limitless Hate) to semi-melodic doom/death (A Life Of Inanimation).

In 2004 the band begun working on their first EP, which was to be titled "Beyond Velvet Shadows". The sound was a combination of early Katatonia and Dissection. Sadly that EP was never released although elements from it were used throughout their career.

Summer of 2004 brought the big changes for Frozen Glare which begun working on what was to be their first printed release: "Shrine Of Failure". The demo was reminiscent of the early Greek Black Metal scene with a significant dosage of doom as heard in Katatonia's "Jhva Elohim Meth". But the absence of a person behind the drum spot caused the release to get delayed for more than 6 months.

In late December 2004 L-Drac joined the band as the permanent drummer. It is notable that he recorded the material in that demo after just one rehearsal session and not even 3 days after he joined the band. Eventually "Shrine Of Failure" was released and received good reviews from all over the globe, a certain zine hailing it as the successor to "Jhva Elohim Meth".

But the band was not content with the sound and when they returned back to the drawing board for a new work, they decided to go in an entirely different route. "Bewitched Lost Souls", the band's second released demo, marked a stark departure from the doom elements towards a more thrash-like approach. It was compared to Necromantia meeting Immortal meeting Carpathian Forest. It was released by U.S.A. label "Forever Plagued Records" in 333 pro-tapes.

Having set-up a certain personality, the band would decide to change their sound yet again. "Shining Comes Benighted" was recorded a year later in 2006 and marked the band's heaviest yet release. The doom elements this time were almost completely gone, as were most of the melodic elements of their previous releases. In what is best described a mixture of punk, thrash, progressive and pure black metal, the band received some recognition which led to some live appearances. Sadly the EP was never actually released apart from a small self-print.

The band abruptly announced that it has split up, in July 2008, thus cancelling and pledged releases for the future. There are still plans for the release of both their split with Animi Vultus, and their EP "Shining Comes Benighted".

According to reports from 2008, the band members, Silmour and WS are on-board a new black metal project titled ".hion", of which details are sparse.

In May 2010 it was confirmed that ".hion" are in existence, though the line-up is not yet confirmed, and will likely only consist of veterans WS and Silmour.

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Ambient black / thrash metal.