Euronymous of Mayhem is credited for getting Abbath into Black Metal and as a result, Abbath getting Varg Vikernes (Burzum) into Black Metal as well. Despite these associations, Immortal's primary members have never been involved in the more controversial activities of some of their contemporaries in the second wave of Black Metal. Their lyrics have also never involved the religious or political ideologies often associated with the scene to any great extent, instead being concerned with darkness and evil in a fantasy setting.

Co-founder Demonaz left the band in 1997 due to severe tendinitis in his arms that prevented him from playing the guitar. Abbath switched instruments, from bass to guitar. Demonaz has continued to write lyrics and has occasionally served as manager for Immortal since and is still usually listed as a member of the band. He used to live in the basement of Abbath's parents and has his own company. He also provides the lyrics for Abbath's side project I.

In 2003 Abbath, Demonaz, and Horgh decided to stop working with Immortal due to personal reasons. Abbath started playing in a Motörhead cover band called Bömbers, together with Tore Bratseth (Old Funeral, Desekrator) and Pez, and also started the more Traditional Metal band I. Immortal reformed in June 2006. The German magazine 'RockHard' reported it first when conducting an interview with Abbath.

Birth dates:
Abbath Doom Occulta (Olve Eikemo) (27th June 1973, Bergen, Norway)
Demonaz Doom Occulta (Harald Nævdal) (6th July 1970, Norway)
Horgh (Reidar Horghagen) (7th May 1971, Bergen, Norway)
Apollyon (Ole Jørgen Moe) (1st April 1974)
Grim (Erik Brødreskift) (23rd December 1969) - R.I.P. (suicide) 4th October 1999

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