Black metal band from Ukraine.
Khors is the Slavic god of the sun and light.

Khors declares itself a non-political band.

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KHORS items we have:

Beyond the Bestial (Ashen Dominion digi cd 14.90€ »
Cold Ways (Electic dvd 4.90€ »
Following the Years of Blood II (Ashen Dominion digi cd+dvd 19.90€ »
Mysticism (Paragon digi cd 12.90€ »
Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours (Ashen Dominion digi cd 15.90€ »
Where the Word Acquires Eternity (Wolfspell Records lp 19.90€ »
Where the Word Acquires Eternity (Ashen Dominion digi cd 14.90€ »
Wisdom of Centuries (Ashen Dominion digi cd 15.90€ »