Black Metal band from Poland.
Moontower was originally named Funeral Moon but in 1996 Belial recorded a rehearsal tape and decided to change the name Funeral Moon to Moontower.

MOONTOWER items we have:

Black Metal Terror (Act of Hate lp 19.90€13.93€ »
Darkness... Glory to hatred (Act of Hate lp 19.90€13.93€ »
In the Shadow of the Wolf (Hell Is Here cd 11.90€8.33€ »
Praise the Apocalypse (ISO666 cd 11.90€8.33€ »
Praise the Apocalypse (Act of Hate lp 14.90€10.43€ »
The Last Blasphemy (Werewolf Promotion mcd 11.90€8.33€ »
The Wolf's Hunger / To the Dark Aeon / Promo-reh / 1996 (Act of Hate lp 19.90€13.93€ »
To the Dark Aeon (Hell Is Here mcd 7.90€5.53€ »
Unholy Crusade - Praise the Antichrist (Werewolf Promotion cd 14.90€10.43€ »