Melodic Black Metal band from Sweden.
The name Naglfar is derived from Norse mythology; Naglfar is the ship made of dead men's nails that will carry the giants and forces of chaos across the sea to the battle of Ragnarök.
Naglfar formed in 1992. The band was originally called “Uninterred”, and was founded by Jens Rydén on vocals and guitar, and Kristoffer Olivius on bass. The band had its first full line-up when Ulf Andersson from Nocturnal Rites joined the band to play drums, and Morgan Hansson and Fredrik Degerström joined on guitar. With this new line-up Jens could concentrate on vocals. In March of 1994, Fredrik left Naglfar due to personal issues with the band as well as musical differences. Soon afterward Ulf left the band as well so that he could concentrate on Nocturnal Rites.

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