Nessuna Resa see the light in Lucca (Italy) in June 2008. In summer 2009 they release a self-produced demo titled "Terra di Nessuno" and take part to the compilation "United Skins for Freedom of Speech" of Oi! Ain't Red Records in 2011. After a three-year stop due to juridical problems with the band members Nessuna Resa record a split album between them and French skinhead band Lemovice titled "Tempo Che Non Ritorna - ... Au Bout de la Nuit, au Cœur de l'Ombre..." produced by Black Shirts Records in 2013. After a few month they release a self-titled split album with Italian skinhead band Garrota produced by Comunità Militante Dei Dodici Raggi cultural association and edited by Black Shirts Records.
The 13 of september 2014, Nessuna Resa release their first full-length album, "Le Stagioni della Vita", produced by Black Shirts Records.

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