Purtenance is a death metal band from Nokia, Finland. They were formed in 1990 by Timo (Vocals), Juha (Guitars), Toni (Guitars), Pasi (Bass) and Harri (Drums) and their main ambition was to play distorted low, traditional death metal in the scandinavian style. They are renowned for the evil, vile nature of their music, making them one of the best death metal bands to ever come out of the Finnish scene, along with others like Rippikoulu, Depravity and Demigod.

After a short demo with their previous name, Purtenance Avulsion, they released an EP called Crown Waits the Immortal in 1991, which carried a refined vile nature and doomy feeling in death metal. The band then set to record their debut Member of Immortal Damnation and it was released by Drowned Productions in 1992. The album continued the refined vile sounding adding in better songwriting and interesting twists and tensions to their music.

Soon after their debut, they split-up over personal differences. The album, however, has been re-released in 2009 in a very limited edition box set along with their EP and an early Purtenance Avulsion demo.

The band reformed in 2012 and they released their second album Awaken from Slumber on October 1st in 2013.

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