Contrary to popular belief, Satyricon was never called Omnipotence. According to Exhurtum (Carl-Michael Eide), he and Wargod started the band in 1990, playing death metal influenced by Cadaver, Carcass and Napalm Death. Lemarchand joined shortly thereafter. At that time they were called Eczema. In 1991, they decided to start playing black metal, so the name was changed to Satyricon and then Satyr joined the band. After the first demo, Carl-Michael Eide was kicked from the band, while Wargod left the music scene and became a UN soldier afterwards. Håvard was kicked out after the second demo.

Satyr is the owner of Moonfog Productions.

In December 2004, live guitarists Steinar Gundersen and Obsidian Claw were arrested in Canada for allegedly drugging and raping a woman in their tour bus after a show in Toronto. The remainder of the tour with 3 Inches of Blood was canceled. The charges against the pair were later dropped.

Back in 1999, Satyr, Fenriz (Darkthrone) Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Killjoy (Necrophagia) and Maniac (Mayhem) started a "supergroup" called Eibon. They were supposed to record a full-length, but due to their heavy schedule, plans were changed. Maniac left the band, and they released one track titled "Mirror Soul Jesus" on a Moonfog 2000 compilation titled "A Different Perspective". They also recorded an unnamed song. Both of them can be downloaded on the Moonfog site.

Satyricon's video for the song "Mother North" is played in the movie "Spun". They agreed to it on the condition that the director of "Spun", Jonas Åkerlund, directed their next music video for the song "Fuel for Hatred".

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