Before Sorcery, Magnus Karlsson-Mård and Paul Johansson played in a band called Curse (not to be confused with Curse from Spånga) around 1984/1985. They didn't record anything. Curse split up and Magnus and Paul went on to form Acid Queen in late 1985. Ola joined them in January 1986. In the summer of 1986 they hooked up with Patrik L. Johansson and Fredik Nygren and changed their name to Sorcery.

Sorcery recorded their fourth demo in April 1992 that was never officially released (tracks: Maculated Life/Insanity Arise/Mass Murder). A week prior, bassist Magnus Karlsson-Mård had quit the band, so Peter Hedman played both guitar and bass on these recordings. This was also Fred Nygren's last recording with Sorcery. The demo was only spread through tape trading (never with a cover).

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Swedish death metal, recorded December 1990.