Goth rock band from Stockholm, Sweden, who started as a death metal band under the name Treblinka in 1988 by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Johan Edlund. Under the name Hellslaughter they released two demos which leaded to a deal with CMFT. For their debut in 1990 the changed their name to Tiamat. For their second album (and all later albums) they were signed by Century Media. In 1992 for their Clouds album they changed to doom metal with atmospheric keyboards.
After a few member left the band in 1994 they started to record their first non-metal album Wildhoney. This album was the new Tiamat with their psychedelic goth rock style.
In 1995 Johan Edlund permanently moved to Dortmund, Germany, where most of the albums were recorded and he also turned Tiamat into a personal project by declaring himself as the only official member. But he still works always wit the same people who can be seen as bandmembers, but Johan writes the music.

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