Vintersorg means "Winter Sorrow", but the name was taken from the Isfolket series by Margit Sandemo, where the character Vintersorg is the son of a great pagan leader.

In Vintersorg's first three albums, Vargher (Marcus E. Norman) - from Havayoth, Naglfar, and Ancient Wisdom - was responsible for programming the drums. According to an interview, Vintersorg used to sing the drum lines to him, and Vargher transcribed them. In Cosmic Genesis, Vintersorg programmed the drums by himself.

Formed under the name Vargatron, which means Wolfthrone in Swedish, with the intent of basing a musical foundation in black metal yet with mainly clean singing and more occasional usage of grim vocals. The band split-up in Summer '96, and was later resurrected under the name Vintersorg as a one-man band.

Vintersorg was a solo project of Andreas Hedlund until the release of Cosmic Genesis. After Mattias Marklund joined the band as a full member, Vintersorg became a duo (referred to as The Vintersorgs).

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