This band belonged to the "Black Legions" (Légions Noires) along with Mütiilation, Bèlkètre, Brenoritvrezorkre and Torgeist.

The band's name comes from Vlad Þepeº, the former 15th century voivode (ruler) of Wallachia (which is now a territory in Romania), but it is spelled wrong. He is widely known as Dracula.

NOTE: 'War Funeral March, 'La Morte Lune' and 'March to the Black Holocaust' were bootlegged by Tragic Empire Records in 2005. These re-releases are NOT official in any capacity.

The compilation "Black Legions Spirits" is a bootleg.

After releasing Petrified 'zine #3 Vlad Tepes/Belketre threatened to kill Jon/FMP because he listed their address and reviewed their material in the magazine. Jon promised The Black Legions if they step foot on his property they would go home in body bags. The Black Legions/FMP feud continued in the second issue of "KILL YOURSELF MAGAZINE" from Finland. They never communicated with each other ever since. Source FMP.

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