Windir is an ancient Norse word, translatable as "warrior". Most of the band's early albums featured lyrics written in Sognamål dialect, a Western Norwegian dialect which is spoken in the area of Sogn.

Windir broke up in March 2004 after Valfar died of hypothermia after becoming caught in a blizzard on his way to his family's cabin.

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1184 (Season Of Mist dlp 29.90€ »
Arntor (Season Of Mist mc 12.90€ »
Arntor (Season Of Mist dlp 29.90€ »
Likferd (Season Of Mist mc 12.90€ »
Likferd (Season Of Mist dlp 29.90€ »
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Sóknardalr (Season Of Mist dlp 29.90€ »