...AND OCEANS: As in Gardens, So in Tombs

...AND OCEANS : As in Gardens, So in Tombs ...AND OCEANS
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1. As in Gardens, So in Tombs 04:17
2. The Collector and His Construct 04:36
3. Within Fire and Crystal 05:52
4. Carried on Lead Wings 05:14
5. Likt törnen genom kött 05:10
6. Cloud Heads 04:19
7. Wine into Water 03:57
8. Inverse Magnification Matrix 04:50
9. The Earth Canvas 04:11
10. Ambivalent God 07:44


"Likt törnen genom kött" is Swedish for "Like Thorns Through Flesh".

Recording information:

Drums and bass recorded in October 2021 at D-studio.
Guitars and vocals recorded in October 2021 at SoundSpiral Audio, Kouvola, Finland.
Keyboards recorded in October 2021 in Ayijy's cave.
Mixed and mastered in November 2021 at Necromorbus Studio.

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