ABSU: The Sun of Tiphareth

Label: Osmose
ABSU : The Sun of Tiphareth ABSU
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2.Feis Mor Tir na n'Og (Across the North Sea to Visnech)08:05
3.Cyntefyn's Fountain03:46
4.A Quest into the 77th Novel05:48
5.Our Lust for Lunar Plains (Nox Luna Inlustris)01:49 instrumental
6.The Coming of War (Morbid Scream cover)05:15
7.The Sun of Tiphareth07:06


All music produced, composed and written by Absu.
All lyrics written by Proscriptor and Equitant.
Executive production: Osmose Productions.

"The Coming of the War" originally composed by Trent White (Morbid Scream) but here was re-adapted by Proscriptor.

Recording information:

Recorded under the 1994 enchantment of the Dumuzi Apzu in September at Reel-To-Reel Studios and in October at Goodnight Studios - Dallas, Texas.

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