AGATUS: The Eternalist

AGATUS : The Eternalist AGATUS
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Side A
1. The Eternalist 04:49
2. The Invisible (Fifth Portal to Atlantis) 03:15
3. The Oath (of Magic and Fire) 05:35
4. Gods of Fire 04:32
5. Dreamer 04:10
Side B
6. Perils of the Sea (Part II) 04:37
7. At Dusk I Was Born 04:15
8. Flight into Forever 04:17
9. Gilgamesh 04:50
10. To Last 02:25


Professionally manufactured cassette with black print on purple shells.

All music by The Dark (Eskarth the Dark One) except "The Eternalist" and "The Oath (Of Magic and Fire by The Dark and Vorskaath (Archon Vorskaath).
All lyrics by The Dark except "The Dreamer" by The Dark and Vorskaath.
Arranged by The Dark and Vorskaath.

Recording information:

Recorded at the following locations:
The Vault, Australia | Greece.
Drums and percussion recorded at Studio 9, Greece.
Guitars reamped at Grindhouse Studio, Studio 9 and The Vault.
Mixed and mastered at Matrix Studio by Dimitris Misirlis and Agatus.
Engineered by The Dark and Vorskaath.
Produced by Bartin Mirch and Agatus.
Delay guitar on "At Dusk I Was Born" by Vorskaath.