ARGHOSLENT: Hornets of the Pogrom

ARGHOSLENT : Hornets of the Pogrom ARGHOSLENT
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Side A
1.In Coffles They Were Led04:16
2.Swill of the Knaves05:01
3.Manacled Freightage05:00
4.The Nubian Archer06:21
Side B
5.Dog and Broom03:31
6.Oracle of the Malefic Rhizome05:50
7.Hornets of the Pogrom06:33
8.The Grenadier05:34


Cover art taken from "The Revolt of Cairo" by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson.

Silver vinyl

Recording information:

Recorded south of the Mason-Dixon line throughout 2006/2007.
Mastered at Final Stand Mastering.

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