ATAKHAMA: Existence Indifferent

Label: Woodcut
ATAKHAMA : Existence Indifferent ATAKHAMA
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1. Regiment of Inhumanity03:30
2. Lifeless and Blistering04:32
3. Predatory Acts03:41
4. World to Dominate05:14
5. Refuelling the Black Blood06:22
6. Dead Wounded Imprisoned05:31
7. Consequence05:00
8. Hypothesis of Humankind03:57
9. Existence Indifferent03:39


Additional musical inspiration on "Lifeless and Blistering" and "Hypothesis of Humankind" by Aleksi Munter.
Recorded and mixed at Sam's Workshop during three weeks in September - November 2004.
Mastered at Finnvox on December 18th 2004.