AUTOPSY: The Headless Ritual

Label: Peaceville
AUTOPSY : The Headless Ritual AUTOPSY
lp: 24.90€ (Sold out)
Side A
1.Slaughter at Beast House06:33
2.Mangled Far Below03:37
3.She Is a Funeral07:32
4.Coffin Crawlers04:32
Side B
5.When Hammer Meets Bone05:34
6.Thorns and Ashes01:45
7.Arch Cadaver04:22
8.Flesh Turns to Dust03:27
9.Running from the Goathead04:29
10.The Headless Ritual02:24 instrumental


Includes a poster.; gatefold cover.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed April 2013 at Fantasy Studios, California.

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