AZAGHAL: Of Beasts and Vultures

Label: Hammerbund
AZAGHAL : Of Beasts and Vultures AZAGHAL
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1.Helwettiläinen (The Infernal One)06:34
2.Welho (Wizard)04:59
4.Kaikki elävä kuihtuu (All Life Withers)05:08
5.Of Beasts and Vultures03:15 instrumental
6.Peto - 6 6 6 (The Beast - 6 6 6)04:39
7.Minä olen tie (I Am the Way)04:56
8.Verenjano (Bloodthirst)02:32
10.13 Candles (Bathory cover)04:37


Comes on pro tape with pro cover.

Recording information:

Recorded at the Cursed Studio during March 2001.
Samples, sound effects, edited and mastered at Dragonthrone Audio.

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