AZAZEL: Aegrum Satanas Tecum

AZAZEL : Aegrum Satanas Tecum AZAZEL
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1. Invocation (Hail the Ancient Ones)
2. Jesus Christ Impotent Rotting Saviour
3. Welcome to Church Bizarre
4. I Worship Him
5. Demons Attack the Nun’s Chapel (Aegrum Satanas Tecum)
6. Incubus Rises Again
7. Succubus, My Infernal Vampire Spirit
8. In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas

Total playing time 35 minutes

Formed in that fateful year of 1992, AZAZEL are among the first black metal bands to hail from
Finland – and undoubtedly, one of the most cult. The band released a demo in 1993 and a minialbum in ’96, but then receded into the shadows and misery for many years. Following a split
album in 2011, however, the black flame of AZAZEL was burning brightly once again, resulting in
the full-lengths Jesus Perversions (2012) and Witches Deny Holy Trinity (2015). And while it would
seem that the shadows of misery ensnared the band again, some demons never die...
Now, at long last, those shadows recede and reveal AZAZEL's long-awaited third album, Aegrus
Satanas Tecum. Immediately and righteously recognizable as AZAZEL, Aegrus Satanas Tecum is
a unique record in that it bridges all the band's eras whilst opening new portals into the black
beyond. Here, one will find the near-bestial filth & fury of Jesus Perversions alongside the more
haunting and even stately sensations of Witches Deny Holy Trinity. But, like anything in AZAZEL's
wild & weird world, ramshackle insanity runs riot - and often - and thus is a variety of songcraft
employed to mangle the mind and ruin the spirit. And yet, the finesse with which AZAZEL
accomplish this, playing something "primitive" but in clear & cutting fashion (and vice versa),
bespeaks some strange magick on the band's part and lends even more staying power to their
ever-uncompromising sound. Above all, Aegrus Satanas Tecum is an album that's equally early
'90s as it is NOW: AZAZEL are more undead than ever.
"Accomplished"? Perhaps? Ancient? Always. AZAZEL may be predictably unpredictable,
but Aegrus Satanas Tecum proves that their twisting saga is far from over...

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Finnish black metal.
Including a double-sided 12''x12'' insert.

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