BEHEMOTH: The Return Of The Northern Moon

BEHEMOTH : The Return Of The Northern Moon BEHEMOTH
digi cd: 16.90€ (Sold out)
Behemoth - The Return of the Northern Moon
Originally released: 1993

1. ...of My Worship (intro)
2. Summoning of the Ancient Gods
3. The Arrival
4. Dark Triumph
5. Monumentum
6. Rise of the Black Storm of Evil
7. Agressor
8. Goat With a Thousand Young

Reissued in March 2011.Everything comes with refreshed layout and original artwork.

Issues in the following formats:
- Ultra Audio Box edition - Strictly limited to an exclusive box-pressed silver prints, including: 12" 180 gram black vinyl (available only in box!) Gatefold packaging, Slipcase digi-pack, cassette, patch with silver thread, sticker, A2 Poster, pin.
- 12” Gatefold Die Hard edition - 12"Picture LP, printed innersleves and packaging inside a gatefold with a silver embossed print, patch, sticker, A2 poster, + bonus CD packaged in eco envelope with the booklet.
- 12" marbled white back vinyl
- CD (slipcase digipack)
- Cassette

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