BEHEMOTH: Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)

Label: Peaceville
BEHEMOTH : Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) BEHEMOTH
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1.Horns ov Baphomet06:34
2.Modern Ïconoclasts04:25
3.Here and Beyond03:25
4.As Above So Below04:59
5.Blackest ov the Black03:41
6.Hekau 71800:43
7.The Harlot ov the Saïnts02:47
8.No Sympathy for Fools03:48
9.Zos Kïa Cvltvs05:33
10.Fornïcatus Benefïctus00:52
11.Typhonïan Soul Zodïack04:29
12.Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Mïght03:03 13.As Above so Below (video, mpg)


Features a music video for the song "As Above So Below".

Recording information:

Produced, recorded & mixed at Hendrix Studios, June to September 2002.
Mastered at High End Studio, Warsaw, Poland, September 2002.

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