BEHERIT: At the Devil's Studio 1990

Label: KVLT
BEHERIT : At the Devil's Studio 1990 BEHERIT
cd: 14.90€ (Sold out)
This is an official BEHERIT debut album, recorded back in 1990 in Ala Ky
Studio, Rovaniemi. Because of the problems with Turbo Music album never seen
the darkness of the night and the master tape lost 20 for years. Sodomatic
Slaughter found the master tape from his personal collection in 2010 and
band started to prepare it for releasing. In this album you can hear 2
totally unreleased tracks and rest are totally different versions you
haven't hear before. Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance and Sodomatic Slaughter
recorded this as a duo and it was a live sessions in studio. Mastered 2010
xxx in xxx Studio.
"The Oath of the Black Blood" is a compilation of demo and 7'EP, but this is
the REAL debut album!

BEHERIT: At The Devil's Studio 1990-CD

1. Rehearsal
2. Grave Desecration Vengeance
3. At The Devil's Churns
4. Nocturnal Evil
5. Whores of Belial
6. Witchcraft
7. The Oath of Black Blood
8. Six Days With Sadistic Slayer
9. Demonomancy

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