BELIAL: The Invocation of Belial

Label: Azermedoth
BELIAL : The Invocation of Belial BELIAL
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1.The Invocation
2.Voices Beyond
3.Dead Zone
4.For the Beasts
7.The Invocation
8.Of Servant of Belial
9.Lost Souls
10.Rise of Hecate
11.Hypocrisy of the God's Sons
12.Voices Beyond
13.The Invocation
14.Dead Zone
16.Voices Beyond
17.Hypocrisy of the God's Sons
18.Of Servant of Belial
19.As Above So Below
20.The Invocation
21.Dead Zone
23.Slowly We Rot (Obituary cover)
24.Voices Beyond
25.Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer cover)
26.For the Beasts

The early works of Belial from 1991-1992.

Tracks 1-5 are taken from the The Gods of the Pit demo (1991).
Tracks 6-12 are taken from the Wisdom of Darkness EP (1992).
Tracks 13-19 are rehearsal takes recorded from 1991-1992.
Tracks 20-26 are live recordings.

Recording information:

Tracks 6-12:
Recorded at Tico-Tico Studio by Ahti Kortelainen 6-7/6/92. Produced by Belial. Keyboards and guest vocal by Reetta Säisä. Additional guitar by Jani Lehtosaari.

Tracks 13-19:
Recorded with Annikki Anttilan mankka at Nuottasaaren Ala-aste, Oulu 1991-1992.

Tracks 20-26:
Various soundboard tapes and audience recordings. Quality varies due to tape source, however, priority has been given to historic content. Recorded in Oulu and Kempele 1991.

Tape transfers by Antti Haapapuro at Studio Katajankaiku in June 2018.
All tracks mastered by Ahti Kortelainen at Tico-Tico Studio in November 2018.
Cover artwork by Ritual at Nucleart Design 2017.
Production and album layout by Jani Lehtosaari 2018.

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