CAVERNE: La fin de tous les chants

CAVERNE : La fin de tous les chants CAVERNE
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1.Premier chant: La proie pour l'ombre09:25
2.Second chant: La matrice09:02
3.Tiers chant: Le bûcher des vaniteux06:50
4.Quart chant: L'onde et la nuit08:45
5.Dernier chant: I - Le philtre / II - La forêt / III - La fin des chants16:45


Recording information:

Songs composed in MMXX of scattered fragments (MMVIII-MMXX), texts written in MMXXI, in exile.
Drums and strings captured in Year I of the Grande Encule, in Montgailhard.
Voices captured in Year II, in La Gaillarde. There was only one step, taken backwards.

Writing, recording, mixing, and layout by Amertume, harmonization by Damon Good.
Works of art respectfully borrowed from A. Rackham and A. von Welie.

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French black metal.