CIANIDE: Divide and Conquer

CIANIDE : Divide and Conquer CIANIDE
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Disc 1
1.Divide and Conquer02:19
2.Throne of Blood03:43
3.Death Machine02:22
4.Armed to the Teeth03:12
5.Apocalyptic Fears03:40
6.Filled with Hate03:03
7.One-Thousand Ways to Die05:36
10.Remain in Hell07:38
Disc 2
1.Divide and Conquer
2.Throne of Blood
3.Death Machine
4.Divide and Conquer
5.Throne of Blood
6.Death Machine
7.Armed to the Teeth
8.Apocalyptic Fears
9.Filled with Hate
10.One-Thousand Ways to Die
13.Remain in Hell
14.Ordered to Kill (At War cover)
15.Choose Your Death
18.Filled with Hate

Tracks 1-10 are the remastered album.
Tracks 11-13 are the 1998 promo demo.
Tracks 14-23 are the album in its original mix from 2000.
Tracks 24-25 are studio outtakes.
Tracks 26-28 are an unreleased demo from June 1999.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Hot Ham and Cheese Studios, Chicago, Illinois, January 7th-9th and 22nd-24th, 2000.
Mastered at Colossal Mastering, Chicago, Illinois.
Produced by Cianide.

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Death doom metal.