DARKTHRONE: Under a Funeral Moon

Label: Peaceville
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1.Natassja in Eternal Sleep03:33
2.Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust05:18
3.The Dance of Eternal Shadows03:44
4. Unholy Black Metal (3:32)
5.To Walk the Infernal Fields07:50
6.Under a Funeral Moon05:07
7.Inn i de dype skogers favn05:25
8.Crossing the Triangle of Flames06:13


All lyrics by Fenriz.
Tracks 1, 3: music by Nocturno Culto
Tracks 2, 5, 6, 8: music by Fenriz
Tracks 4, 7: music by Zephyrous.

This is the last album to feature guitarist Zephyrous.

The person who appears on the front cover is vocalist Nocturno Culto.

English translations:
7. Into the Deep Woods' Embrace.

Recording information:

Recorded in Creative Studios, June 1992 (Year XXVII AS).
Produced by Darkthrone. Engineered by Vidar.

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