DEMIGOD: Slumber of Sullen Eyes

DEMIGOD : Slumber of Sullen Eyes DEMIGOD
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1.Apocryphal (intro)00:21 instrumental
2.As I Behold I Despise04:39
4.The Forlorn04:05
5.Tears of God05:16
6.Slumber of Sullen Eyes06:00
7.Embrace the Darkness / Blood of the Perished05:05
8.Fear Obscures from Within04:19
9.Transmigration Beyond Eternities04:31
10.Towards the Shrouded Infinity03:41
11.Perpetual Ascent03:47 instrumental
12.Darkened 02:50
13.Perpetual Ascent 03:12 instrumental
14.Anxiety 04:32
15.Reincarnation 04:21
16.Succumb to Dark 03:57


Recording information:

Tracks 1-11:
- Recorded and mixed July 1992 at Tico-Tico Studio, Kemi, Finland.
- Co-produced by Demigod.

Track 12:
- Recording information undisclosed.

Tracks 13-16:
- Recorded & mixed Dec. 1990 at AMR-Studio, Viiala, Finland.

Tracks 1-16:
- Remastered in 2005 at Popstudio, Loimaa, Finland.

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