DESASTER: A Touch of Medieval Darkness

Label: Merciless
DESASTER : A Touch of Medieval Darkness DESASTER
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Disc 1
Side A
1.Skyline in Flames (Intro)02:20
2.In a Winter Battle05:29
3.A Touch of Medieval Darkness06:02
4.Fields of Triumph05:38
5.Devil's Sword03:21
6.Into a Magical Night04:32
Side B
7.Crypts of Dracul08:51
8.Visions in the Autumn Shades06:17
9.Porter of Hellgate03:57
10.Home for the Brave (Outro)04:52
Disc 2
Side A - C
1.The Final Desaster (live) 04:57
2.Lost in the Ages (live) 05:02
3.Nothern Breeze (live) 03:16
Side B - D
4.Into a Magical Night (live) 04:32
5.Countess Bathory (Venom cover) (live) 02:55
6.As the Deadworld Calls (live) 04:49
7.Sacrifice (Venom cover) (live) 03:00

LP 1 includes the album, LP 2 includes bonus material.

Recording information:

Recorded at G. Birth Music, Koblenz 19th to 22th of October 1995.
Songs C1 to D4 are live songs.Recorded 1995 at Dessau(Ger).This was the First Gig ,with Tormentor on the Drums!

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Thrashing black metal.
Black / thrash metal, 2nd album.
The box set includes:
Hellfire's Dominion album on CD (housed in a transparent envelope), 12 page booklet with lyrics, mini-poster, and a guitar pick.

Housed in a hard cardboard box with silver hot-foil stamping.
Black / thrash metal.
Black metal.