DIMMU BORGIR: Stormblåst

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Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst
Released: 25.01.1996

1. Alt lys er svunnet hen (6:08)
2. Broderskapets ring (5:09)
3. Når sjelen hentes til helvete (4:34)
4. Sorgens kammer (6:20)
5. Da den kristne satte livet til (3:09)
6. Stormblåst (6:16)
7. Antikrist (3:43)
8. Dødsferd (5:30)
9. Vinder fra en ensom grav (4:26)
10. Guds fortapelse - Åpenbaring av dommedag (4:24)

Recorded between July and September 1995 at the Endless Sound Productions.

All lyrics by Shagrath, Erkekjetter Silenoz and Aldrahn.

"Sorgens Kammer" is a cover of a song taken from an Amiga game called "Agony". Stian Aarstad stole the melody, but didn't tell anyone about it. The band always thought it was their own song until the original composer contacted them, so they decided to not use it on "Stormblåst 2005". The piano intro of "Alt lys er svunnet hen" is also very similar to the Magnum (Progressive Rock band) song "Sacred Hour" from 1982's "Chase the Dragon" album.

The intro to "Guds Fortapelse - Åpenbaring Av Dommedag" is from Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95 ("From The New World").

Original Cacophonous Records release had Dodsferd as track 7 and Antikrist as track 8 written on the back cover, but the tracks were accidently swapped on the CD in the mastering process. This was later fixed on re-issues.

English translations:
01. All Light Has Faded Away
02. The Ring Of Brotherhood
03. When The Souls Are Brought To Hell
04. Chamber Of Sorrow
05. When The Christian Lost His Life
06. Stormblown
07. Journey Of Death
08. Antichrist
09. Winds From A Lonely Grave
10. God's Damnation - Revelation Of Judgment Day

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