ESKAPISM: Ancient Songs of the Wind

ESKAPISM : Ancient Songs of the Wind ESKAPISM
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Side A
1. (Revival)07:27
2. (The Last Words of the Wind)06:37
3. (Autumn Sorrow)07:34
Side B
4. (The Cold Breath of North)05:24
5. (Dead Willow)07:20
6. (Lost Land)08:16


Recording information:

“Ancient Songs of the Wind” album was composed during summer 2017 - winter 2018. Guitars, keyboards, vocals were recorded by Zymobor and Dyvozor in Lviv. Drums were recorded by Mika Salmi in Vantaa, Finland (winter 2019). Mixed and mastered by Zymobor (winter-spring 2019).

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Atmospheric black metal.
Atmospheric black metal.
Ukrainian black metal, limited to 150 copies.