FAUSTIAN PACT: Outojen tornien varjoissa

FAUSTIAN PACT : Outojen tornien varjoissa FAUSTIAN PACT
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Side A
1.Saastainen valo lintutornissa04:18
2.Myytti Am'Khollenin kuninkaasta04:31
3.Kuulas musta aika04:04
Side B
7.Valottomien askelten takana04:17
8.Askeesikuun luolissa04:45
9.Yo?n viittojen saleissa03:41
10.Viimeisen tyrannin silma?04:46


Housed in a gatefold jacket with a single-sided cardstock insert featuring English translation of all lyrics and a 24x36" poster.

The album title translates to "In the shadows of the strange towers" in English.

Song title translations:
1. Filthy Light in Bird Tower
2. The Myth of the King of Am'Khollen
3. Age of Luminous Blackness
4. Spell Trees
5. Ruinspeak
6. Spearchest
7. Behind the Lightless Steps
8. In the Caves of Ascetic Moon
9. In the Halls of the Night's Capes
10. The Eye of the Last Tyrant

Recording information:

Recorded in the Nether Halls of Satanic Metal Temple during the dark days of whispering blackness in 2017 - 2019.

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Melodic black metal.
Melodic black metal.