HÄMYS: Alkemia

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1. Johdanto 02:48
2. Alkemia 04:02
3. Kun minä kuolen 02:53
4. Tie näyttää paikkani 02:29
5. Symbolit 03:20
6. Unieni takaa 03:54
7. Kuilu 01:11
8. Aamunkajosta 03:46
9. 14 kuuta 02:22
10. Yksin 02:54
11. Kutsu 01:32


Debut album of promising Finnish black metal group. After many demos, EP’s and a huge steps forward to darkness this band is finally ready to unleash a full-length album. This is not another clone of old legendary bands, but unique Finnish black metal with their own style including melodies and some clean vocal parts having partly similar atmosphere like Goatmoon has created with their albums. This is a fresh wind in Finnish black metal scene. If you like bands which are not following the others, then you should definitely check this out!

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