HORNA / BEHEXEN: Horna / Behexen

Label: Woodcut
HORNA / BEHEXEN : Horna / Behexen
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Side A
1.Horna - Näkyjen tuhkasta04:59
2.Horna - Rautamyrsky04:20
3.Horna - Kätketyn jumaluuden vartija05:13
4.Horna - Verta koirille03:31
Side B
5.Behexen - Ritual of Flesh & Blood07:01
6.Behexen - Beyond the Shadow of My Lord06:30
7.Behexen - A Distant Call from Darkness08:16


Recording information:

Horna tracks recorded at the Boneyard in February 2004.
Behexen tracks recorded at Fantom Crypt on March 1st, 2003.

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