HROMOVLAD: Ohna hlad, vody chlad

Label: Stuza
HROMOVLAD : Ohna hlad, vody chlad HROMOVLAD
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1.Lesom I ?asom02:43
2.Ví?azstvo noci04:10
4.Tváre živlov zimných dní04:54
5.Posledný z posledných03:21
6.Oh?a hlad, vody chlad04:15
7.Zabudnutý sen04:01
9.V ohni zhynie ?udský tvor06:07
10.Nárek stromov05:09
11.Bolo i nebolo03:09


Pipes and pan-flute were used on this album.

Album title means "Hunger of the Fire, Cold of the Water" in English.

Title tracks in English:
1) Through the Forest and Time
2) The Night's Victory
3) Dawning
4) Faces of the Winter Elements
5) The Last of the Last Ones
6) Hunger of the Fire, Cold of the Water
7) Forgotten Dream
8) Lithewa
9) The Man dies in Fire
10) Cry of the Trees
11) Once it was… Once not…

Recording information:

Recorded by Peter Šíma at Polymnia Studio in 15-18 August 2007.

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Slavonic folk metal.
Black / folk metal.