IMPURITY: The Legend of Goat

IMPURITY : The Legend of Goat IMPURITY
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1.Intro - The Satanás Path!01:10 instrumental
2.Impurity in the Blood01:33
3.Episcopal Disgrace04:05
4.Grayish Land of Desolation04:30
5.Canonical Destruction02:17
6.Preaching Mark of the Beast02:55
7.Night Beasts06:01
8.Night of Torment in the Cemetery02:53
9.Anti - Dominical02:32
10.The Black Angel Born at Dusk02:31
11.Locus Macabrus01:49
12.Intro (Live)01:09 instrumental
13.Lucifer Vomiting Blasphemies over Christ's Head (Live in Paraguay 2017)01:38
14.Cemetery Eyes (Live in Paraguay 2017)02:50
15.Invocation of the World of Horrors (Live in Chile 2016)04:52
16.Baphomet Shield (Live in Brazil BH 2003)05:04
17.All in the Name of Satan (Live in Argentina 2017)04:08
18.The Firmament of Fire (Live in Germany 2014)04:42
19.Lamb's Fury (Live in Chile 2013)05:39
20.Malediction (Live in Chile 2013)02:16
21.Cult Anti Matutinal (Live in Japan 2015)02:57
22.Sabat (Live in Japan 2015)03:27


Comes with 8 pages booklet.

Promo text: "Legends of the Goat“ is a selection of the most extreme sounds of the most satanic band in Brazil, containing a remaster with exclusive introductions in some songs, this compilation also gathered live sounds, where the band had its demonic presentations in Asia, Europe and several countries of the South America."

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