IRON ANGEL: Hellish Crossfire

IRON ANGEL : Hellish Crossfire IRON ANGEL
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1.The Metallian04:17
3.Black Mass05:48
4.The Church of the Lost Souls03:11
5.Hunter in Chains04:37
6.Rush of Power03:25
7.Legions of Evil04:53
8.Wife of the Devil03:48
10.Heavy Metal Soldiers03:05
11.Metalstorm (live) 04:23
12.Son of a Bitch (live) 03:16
13.Stronger than Steel (live) 05:13
14.Vicious (live) 04:10
15.Fight for Your Life (live) 03:50
16.Creatures of Destruction (live) 04:16
17.Sea of Flames (live) 04:40
18.Rush of Power (live) 03:49