KHORS: Wisdom of Centuries

KHORS : Wisdom of Centuries KHORS
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1. Through the Clouds of the Past 01:54 instrumental
2. Black Forest's Flaming Eyes 09:16
3. The Last Leaves 06:28
4. Where the Grandeur of Mountains Embraces the Space 01:56 instrumental
5. Horizons Glassy 02:55 instrumental
6. Wisdom of Centuries 06:18
7. Only Time Will Take It Away 07:53
8. Twilight 01:30 instrumental


Comes in 4-panel digipak with 12 page booklet

Recording information:

Written, arranged and composed in Kharkiv, Ukraine during Spring 2011 - Autumn 2011
Drums, bass and guitars recorded in Blacklight Studio, Kiev, Ukraine in September 2011.
Keyboards recorded in Nightmarestudio, Kharkiv, Ukraine during Winter 2011-2012.
Lead guitars and vocals recorded in Oriana Stronghold Forge Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine in Autumn 2011.
Samples and additional keyboards recorded in Astargh Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine in January 2012.
Mixed and mastered in Blacklight Studio, Kiev, Ukraine during Winter 2011 - 2012.
All lyrics and music written by Khors.
Produced by Khors.

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