LOITS: Must Album / Mustad Laulud

LOITS : Must Album / Mustad Laulud LOITS
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Lembetu - guitars, vocals
M. Divine - bass
Markus Karmo - guitars
Kuriks - guitars
Karje - keyboards
Atso - drums

The limited edition of "Must Album" contains a cool sticker as well as six
commemoratory cards. Also there is a bonus EP "Mustad Laulud" ("Black Songs"),
containing four songs. This version also includes a photo album, a newsreel
movie about the "Must Album" record and a monologue balancing the overall
tonality of the album, all launchable on a PC.

Mustad Laulud EP Tracklist:
1. Haavad Uulitsal
2. Haige
3. Tankisőidulaul
4. Roim Repelis

Released on LP by Eisenwald Tonschmiede in March 2009. Also available as
handnumbered 'die hard edition' with the Mustad Laulud EP as bonus LP.

1. Emaraud 05:07
2. Soomusronglase Silmis 05:12
3. Suudelda Neidu 04:13
4. Kiri Kaevikust 05:46
5. Ei Kahetse Midagi 02:45
6. Veealune Valss 04:40
7. Peegli Ees 04:37
8. Surmarestoran 05:51
9. Öölaul 05:21

Total playing time 43:32

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