MÜTIILATION: Rattenkönig

Label: Osmose
digi cd: 14.90€ BUY»
1.That Night When I Died06:45
2.Testimony of a Sick Brain04:57
3.The Bitter Taste of Emotional Void07:33
4.Black Coma04:17
5.The Pact (The Eye of the Jackal)06:49
6.The Ecstatic Spiral to Hell04:35
7.I, Satan's Carrion05:24


Notes from the booklet:
"Remixed in 2012 for this plague - This is an official release cursed by Meyhnach".

Info : Rattenkönig is an introverted journey to a claustrophobic heavy atmosphere.
This album sounds a bit less aggressive than the previous one as it's more based on paranoia feelings, isolation and mental downfall.

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